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The Inhalants are popular volatile-based substances which produce chemical vapors in the external environment. These chemical vapors are inhaled by a human which is then induced to create psychoactive and mind-altering effects in the body. All of the volatile solvents and majorly the Inhalants are liquid in nature and in room temperature. They are mainly found in inexpensive and are widely used for daily routine households and other purposes. The volatile solvents such as Inhalants are found in dry-cleaning fluids, degreasers, glues, fluids, felt-tip markers, and many others. 

Inhalants drug is widely used for abusing the body by inhaling the chemicals induced in it. People majorly teenagers love to inhale the Inhalants and other volatile solvents to get high and feel sleepy. Other effects in the body after consuming Inhalants are buzz effect, heaviness, sleepy, lack of energy, anxiety and others. The excess dose of the volatile solvents may cause some of the serious problem related to intolerance power, dry mouth, dry eyes, and others. Consult your medical officer before consuming Inhalants. 

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